Shorts – Jingle Balls


Here is a round up of some of the funny stuff we saw over the festive period.

Father ChristmasT
Santa glides in from is sleigh but doesn’t quite realise that in this modern day we have lamp posts that you should avoid.

A Christmas Running TreeT
A British man was seen running through Tokyo dressed as a Christmas tree.
Joseph Tame in an interview with CNN said “there are many areas of the city that are beautifully illuminated with Christmas decorations, but there are also areas where there are not, so I thought wouldn’t it be great to take the fun and wonder of these illuminations into those areas and spread the Christmas cheer.”


Last Christmas I gave you my heart – 24 times
A Radio DJ in Austria was reprimanded for playing Wham’s Last Christmas 24 times in a row. He locked himself in a room and would not come out during his marathon until eventually he was coaxed out by his daughter. As a punishment the Radio station made him take the Christmas and New Years eve shifts.

Tree Huggers
Emma Donnell didn’t want her night to end so she decided to dance with her Christmas tree. She then posted the video of her Strictly Not Dancing onto Twitter titled: “My ma is gonna kill me. Why do I drink?”

Santa Gets on the Wrong Ride

A man dressed as Santa had to be winched off the Duke of Wellington statue by a crane in Glasgow.


Baaaaaaah Humbug
Goats plus Christmas songs mean there has to be a Father Christmas.

The Dark Side of Christmas
Found this on Wookieleaks. Darth Vader knows what you have for Christmas as he has felt your presents.