All The Best Short Stories From The Internet – November


Man Learns Tough Life Lesson After Telling Stripper She’s Fat
A man in the US learned a hard lesson in life  after he told a stripper she should “go to the gym and lose weight”, according to The Smoking Gun.
Apparently the exotic dancer is claimed to have reached down off the stage and hit him four times in the face.
Source: The Smoking Gun



Woman Who Duct-Taped Dog’s Mouth Shut Could Face Jail Time
Stupid woman duct-taped dog’s mouth shut and shares on social media.
Source: Huffington Post Weird US



We loved this Vine showing the difference between Americans and the British:



Footballer Given One Year Ban For Slapping Female Linesman With His Penis
A bit of slap and tickle during football is a red faced offence.
Source: Huffington Post UK



Man pleads guilty to stealing human brains from Indiana medical museum
This took a lot of DEADication to pull off. This man stole a human brain then tried to sell it on e-bay! Not a bright idea.
Brain Light

Source: Reuters



Jewish Grandmas Busted In Florida For Illegal Mah Jongg Games
Police in Florida, “shut down” a senior citizens’ clubhouse for illegal gambling. What were these residents doing – playing Mah Jongg.
Source: Huffington Post Weird US



Florida Man In Darth Vader Mask Robs Convenience Store
A man in a Darth Vader mask robs a store in Florida. The force was with him though.
Police said he demanded money from the assistant who responded by throwing a jar of blue cheese dressing at the suspect (or did he move it with his mind).
Source: Huffington Post Weird US



India’s Selfie Stamps Remind Mail Recipients You’re A Narcissist
Did you hear the one about the unstamped letter? You wouldn’t get it. Pretty sure the queen will not like what they are now offering at the post office in India.
Source: Huffington Post Weird US



Boris gets the bird



Singapore megachurch leaders sentenced to jail for pop music fraud
She apparently sang covers ‘Livin’ on a prayer’, ‘Like a prayer’ and ‘Take me to Church’
Source: Reuters



Transform Your Phone in to a Vibrator
Now you can really have a dirty phone call. The cheaper alternative to this is just to put your phone in your pocket.
Source: Huffington Post Weird US